Shelly Sazdanoff - Contemporary Fiber Artist

Shelly Sazdanoff, a fiber artist residing and working in Portland, Oregon, is passionate about exploring and balancing textural elements through various shapes and lines. Comprised of hundreds of tiny knots, each piece represents hours of meticulous work. Her clean, minimal aesthetic and neutral color scheme makes Shelly's work ideal for complementing a multitude of interior spaces. Mantel is honored to be featuring some of her newest pieces and largest work to date. Come take a look at Shelly's work while we have it up on our walls! Show lasts through holidays. 

FEATURE—Saint Helen

Saint Helen was born in 2012 in Portland, Oregon from a love of bright colors, bold patterns, and a love of sewing and textiles.

Saint Helen is a collaboration of Alice Mollo-Christensen and Drew Stefani who were taught to sew by their mothers. Alice began sewing as a very small child in her mother’s workroom in Massachusetts. Drew has a long-term love of design and art history, and was inspired by his mother to make quilts. Their partnership began because of this shared interest, and it extended into a desire to make functional homewares that bring joy and excitement to life. 

They are currently building a sewing studio and have a high-school volunteer who works with them to learn about their process. Quilts were the first projects they created together, and they expanded into making both quilted and screen-printed pillows. They are exploring knitted blankets and Furoshiki, and hope to experiment with textile design and printing more of their own fabric designs soon.

Check out their website, for more information.